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..show you how to create native tools. I'm not going to make a new tool though, instead I will show you what is required to create one. You can find all the native tools in the..

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HackSuite CMS Documentation
What is what?
What is what?

There are several kind of tools and add-ons in the hacksuite, let me go through all of them.

Modules: The plug and play kind of tools, you can remove or add any of them at any time. You can recognize them easily as they're always in the root folder named thc_[abbreviation].

- easiest way to create something for the suite
- plug and play
- always stuck in the THC environment
- can't be used as a plug-in for other programs

Apps: Also an add-on but requires a bit more effort as you will have to add the application to the environment by using a native tool

- not stuck in the THC environment
- no need to buffer output code and you just need to include the suite into your program
- you need to understand the structure of the hacksuite in order to make it work for you

Callbacks: Can only be used to extend THC_SS. Callbacks are a non essential part of the hacksuite, you don't need them but they can make a lot of tasks much easier for you to complete

Templates: You can change the look of the hacksuite with these code packs. The pack consists of templates, css, js and image files

Native: These can be found in the configuration section. Some native tools can be used to gather data from external resources (eg proxies), check paths, variable values and more

These are pretty much all the tools you will deal with when using the suite, hope this documentation made things a bit more clear.
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