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..modules you must have seen the iframes used for realtime result display. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to insert them into your module and how they function. what we..

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HackSuite CMS Documentation
Process of creating an app
You can extend the suite with 3rd party applications quite easily, all you need to do is basically buffering all output in $sCode and even this isn't necessary. Besides that advantage is when you don't want to output through the hacksuite template system you can just simply breakout of the hacksuite environment with maintaining, rather adding, the functionality of the hacksuite and the frontend of the 3rd part application.

To get started with creating your application click on development and then create new app.

This will bring you to a page where you can setup your properties for the hacksuite application.

name of app: give the app unique names like 'AppName', you can't use names that have this pattern (thc_xx)
location: relative location from the hacksuite root folder, eg MyAppFolder/Start, you can't use locations that have this pattern (thc_xx)
version: typically applications in the hacksuite start at 0.0.1, you can however use any version
author: your name, nickname

When you submit the form, a new form will appear:

This is a form that allows you to create an index file. As you can see there's already some php in the textarea. You should keep this code on top of your index page and any other pages that you want to add (except your include files of course).

The $_DYNAMIC_ROOT variable is used to set a dynamic root(in this case the root will be one folder up) and must be used otherwise you won't have the paths properly defined.

The header.php file brings all the functionality from the hacksuite to your script. Don't worry if there are still somethings not really clear, as I will write a tutorial on how to make your own apps from scratch.
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