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..to create a different index page for the suite. It's very easy because the only thing you need to do is change the content of default.php. I don't want to create something like hello..

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Discovers interesting locations, paths and data of a website

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HackSuite CMS Documentation
Make your application compatible with the HackSuite
It's relatively easy to create a compatible application for the suite.

There are two different ways you can do that and both have very different effects.

Option 1: use the hacksuite to feed your application
Option 2: use the hacksuite as cms and integrate your script into it

Option 1 requires you to put the hacksuite in the same folder as your app, you don't have to rewrite code parts that spit output to the browser. However unless you know about the structure of the suite it's quite difficult to integrate

Option 2 is the easiest choice as it only requires you to put all output into variable $sCode

The methods are too much to discuss in one documentation thread, will create a tutorial for this as well.
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