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..I will show you how to create native tools. I'm not going to make a new tool though, instead I will show you what is required to create one. You can find all the native tools in..

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THC Discover

Discovers interesting locations, paths and data of a website

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What can I configure?
You can configure most of the suite with the so called native tools. In 0.4 the suite has 12 native tools and I will only discuss the configuration tools in them. In order to access these tools, open your configuration panel using the configuration dropdown menu and click on the amount of available tools.

This will bring you to the following screen:

These are all native tools, most can be used for configuration, debugging and remote data extraction such as proxies.

Here are the native tools with configuration and extract options:
- test servers: enable or disable logging of login attempts, banning ip addresses after x attempts, sleep timer after login failure, setup username/password and more. You can setup a http authentication server and a html login
- new apps: although since 0.4 it's not really necessary anymore with the development tools, it's still available
- recover configuration: reset configurations for the test servers
- change style: changes the theme of the hacksuite
- log viewer: you can clear the log files here
- proxy scraper: can import proxies from (remote) files, textarea or just manually
- dorking and sql errors: you can enter a list of google dorks which can be used for isolating (vulnerable) websites with THC_DO. With this tool you can also enter SQL errors, ideal for finding SQLi vulnerabilties
- widgets: enable or disable widgets
- configure appearance: can change the appearance of the menu bar with the dropdown items
- task configure: end or complete tasks

There will surely be some new native tools too, maybe even before 0.5 so stay tuned.
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