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..index page for the suite. It's very easy because the only thing you need to do is change the content of default.php. I don't want to create something like hello world or something..

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xAnalyze is a module that can search through corrupt data and configuration files in order to find the exact position of errors

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HackSuite File Library
File Library
Here you can find the latest files and structure of the THC HackSuite, note that if you have an earlier version of the suite it's not recommended to update files manually. Instead you should overwrite your existing HackSuite environment.
/* Creates a select menu for selecting functions in THC_XC */
$_CONTEXT['xcselect'] = "\n                <select name=\"sOption\" class=\"sOption\">\n";
// determine maximum amount of fields
$_CONTEXT['maxfields'] = 0;
// do we have js available
$_CONTEXT['xcselectjs'] = "";
false==($iOptions = @count($_CONVERT))){
$_CONTEXT['xcselect'] .= "                <option value=\"\">no options available</option>\n";
$_CONTEXT['xcselect'] .= "                <option value=\"selected\" selected>select an option</option>\n";
// sort the data
$_CONVERT2 = array();
// skip if it doesn't exist
$iFields count($_CONVERT[$x]['fieldnames']);
$_CONTEXT['maxfields'] = ($iFields<=$_CONTEXT['maxfields'] ? $_CONTEXT['maxfields'] : $iFields);
// add it to a group or create a new one
$sGroupName str_replace(" ","_",$_CONVERT[$x]['group']);
$_CONVERT2[$sGroupName] = array();
// reposition and make the data easier accessible
$_CONVERT2[$sGroupName][$_CONVERT[$x]['position']] = array($x,$_CONVERT[$x]['label'],$_CONVERT[$x]['fieldnames'],$_CONVERT[$x]['function'],$_CONVERT[$x]['description'],$_CONVERT[$x]['type']);
// delete the old convert variable
$_CONVERT2 as $sGroup=>$aItems){
// if there are no valid options available then there's no need to add the optgroup tag
$bHasOptions false;
$sOptionsBuffer "";
$bHasOptions true;
$sOptionsBuffer .= "                        <option value=\"".$aItems[$x][3]."\" title=\"".$aItems[$x][4]."\">".$aItems[$x][1]."</option>\n";
$_CONTEXT['xcselect'] .= ($bHasOptions==true "                <optgroup label=\"".str_replace("_"," ",$sGroup)."\">\n".$sOptionsBuffer."                </optgroup>\n" "");
$_CONTEXT['xcselect'] .= "                </select>\n";
$_CONVERT2 "";
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