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..I will show you how to create native tools. I'm not going to make a new tool though, instead I will show you what is required to create one. You can find all the native tools in..

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AntiFTP uses wordlists in order to bruteforce FTP user accounts

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HackSuite File Library
File Library
Here you can find the latest files and structure of the THC HackSuite, note that if you have an earlier version of the suite it's not recommended to update files manually. Instead you should overwrite your existing HackSuite environment.
- bug in xAnalyze that showed wrong product description
- created DATA_DIR/result_headers.php
- crackmeclass.php, fixed shell creator
- created PREDATOR/JS/main.js
- added message headers to results
- widgets input field size fixed
- added project code name to DATA_DIR/version.php
- added default data structure to DATA_DIR/involved.php
- created native reset tool NATIVE_DIR/reset.php
- created native version update tool NATIVE_DIR/set.php
- added whois, php, owasp, ip lookup widgets
- created DATA_DIR/testservers.php
- Modules moved to /Modules
- Apps moved to /Apps
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/postservercfg.js
- created TestServers page
- testservers configuration also linked to development section
- add page path has been changed to an install manager for apps
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/install.js
- created JSON/install.php
- NATIVE_DIR/logview.php missing html div
- added index.php to folders where possible to prevent file investigation
- updated DATA_DIR/reserved.php
- changed callbackbf.php in order to keep it working when the configuration values change
- fixed module image in task killer
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_filesizescan'] - will scan for log,configuration and data files that became bigger than $_CONTEXT['maxflsz']
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['maxflsz'] - maximum filesize of log,configuration and data files in KB
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_logfileanalyze'] - analyzes logfiles
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_functcheck'] - checks if all required functions are there
- default.php is now the new fundament for the control center
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_filesize_check.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_stats_show.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_log_analyze.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_function_check.php
- setup creates DATA_DIR/core_functions.php
- created logfile LOGS_DIR/log_activity.php
- created logfile LOGS_DIR/log_unauthorized.php
- created data file DATA_DIR/monitor_files.php
- created data file DATA_DIR/monitor_dirs.php
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_filesindirscan'] - will count the files in specific folders in order to minimize the amount of garbage
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['maxflsindir'] - maximum files in dir before reporting
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['nextscanseconds'] - the global interval between a next maintenance scan, note that this doesn't work as a cron job, instead it will be compared to your last scan when you visit the index page
- optimized predator.css
- added memory usage to serverdiagnosis.php
- created DATA_DIR/logsdata.php containing all definitions of the log files
- setup.php logs data to LOGS_DIR/log_activity.php
- install.php logs data to LOGS_DIR/log_activity.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_includes.php
- constant DEFAULT_PAGE prevents right container page titles - example on ROOT/default.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_setup.php
- removed obsolete code from default.php
- error handling has been improved, removed two small bugs and made the error handling itself easier to use
- created TEMPLATES_DIR/content.php
- after installation the hacksuite generates a server map automatically
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_maintenance scan'] - enable or disable maintenance scans
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_updatecheck.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_indexcontent.php
- automatic update checker on index page
- fixed update check server bug
- solved a layout issue where the centered user interface jumps from one side to the other when you expand a menu item
- created NATIVE_DIR/maintenance_scan.php
- added new png images
- created ROOT_DIR/rss.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/maintenance_scan.js
- updated html forms on JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/security.js
- created JSON_DIR/maintenance_scan.php
- removed module THC FaceOff
- removed module THC UTube
- removed module THC BlackBird
- changed DATA_DIR/nativeconfig.php text
- created DATA_DIR/scan_types.php
- created CONFIG_DIR/xs.php
- created CONFIG_DIR/fi.php
- created PROPERTIES_DIR/xss.php
- created PROPERTIES_DIR/fi.php
- created NATIVE_DIR/antievil.php
- created new text for modules
- added description text to apps
- removed rss feed images
- created new configuration layout
- created new apps template
- created new modules template
- server diagnosis on index.php
- tool for viewing log files has been upgraded
- changed all rss feed layouts
- twitter support has been changed to blogger because twitter doesn't support rss anymore
- added twitter link to DATA_DIR/links_thc.php
- created JSON_DIR/maintenance.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/maintenance_run.js
- some dynamic root locations in JSON_DIR had a slash too much
- found that the test server http_authenticate.php was hardcoded
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['allow_testservers'] - enable or disable test servers
- created NATIVE_DIR/server_manager.php
- file INCLUDES_DIR/server_setup.php can only be loaded if test servers have been enabled in the configuration
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/server_allow.js
- created JSON_DIR/server_allow.js
- removed 8 old obsolete images from previous hacksuite versions
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/antievil.js
- created JSON_DIR/antievil.php
- created NATIVE_DIR/path_edit.php
- created NATIVE_DIR/log_edit.php
- added two new testservers to the dropdown menu
- created DATA_DIR/allowed_paths.php
- patched test server files, making it accept dynamic log folders
- created TESTSERVER_DIR/xss.php
- created TESTSERVER_DIR/fi.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/log_edit.js
- created JSON_DIR/log_edit.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/path_edit.js
- created JSON_DIR/path_edit.php
- vars.php: $_CONTEXT['time_pattern'] - time pattern
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/time_edit.js
- created JSON_DIR/time_edit.php
- created INCLUDES_DIR/cc_sec_notes.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/tooltip.js
- created INCLUDES_DIR/detect_bf.php
- fixed bug in INCLUDES_DIR/dev_list.php
- fixed an issue in JSON_DIR/login.php that could end in an endless redirect loop
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/dorks.js
- created JSON_DIR/dorks.php
- rewrote the google dorks and sql error native tool
- created JSON_DIR/proxy_manager.php
- created JS_TEMPLATE_DIR/proxy_manager.js
- removed DATA_DIR/proxyoptions.php
- rewrote the proxy native tool
- created INCLUDES_DIR/screens.php
- created FUNCTIONS_DIR/modform.php
- changed the destruction category to stress testing category
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_do/dork.js
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_do/dork.php
- fixed an issue that allowed users to access setup.php even if the program was installed
- fixed a bug in THC_CR that prevented the real ip address to be found
- removed module function file HeaderForge
- removed FUNCTIONS_DIR/get_class.php
- added description field to app development
- changed cufon font to Circe Extra Light
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_xc/CONVERTERS/escapesinglequotes.php
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_xc/CONVERTERS/escapedoublequotes.php
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_xc/CONVERTERS/escapevariables.php
- added nl2br option to THC_XC convert options
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_pg/pass_structure.php
- created MODULE_DIR/thc_xd/interface.js
- created ROOT_DIR/license.txt
- dropped antisocial application until I can find a way to beat the new protection against automated login processes
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