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..I will show you how to make a multi bridge between THC_DO, THC_SS and THC_II and keep track of the output in realtime using iframes. So what exactly are we going to do? First of all if..

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AntiFTP uses wordlists in order to bruteforce FTP user accounts

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HackSuite Modules
THC_II: InjectIT
This module can be used for either scanning a list of sites or a single site on vulnerabilities. By ...


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THC_LG: MisterLG
Mister LG is a tool that allows users to create dynamic upload forms in order to find exploitable up...


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THC_AE: AntiEvil
With this module you can quickly go through your server's code and files in order to find suspicious...


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THC_HF: HeaderForge
This is basically the php version of Tamper Data which is a famous Firefox addon for manipulating he...


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