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..I will show you how to make a multi bridge between THC_DO, THC_SS and THC_II and keep track of the output in realtime using iframes. So what exactly are we going to do? First of all if..

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HackSuite File Library
File Library
Here you can find the latest files and structure of the THC HackSuite, note that if you have an earlier version of the suite it's not recommended to update files manually. Instead you should overwrite your existing HackSuite environment.
/* apps */
$_CONTEXT['page_title'] = "THC HackSuite CMS: APPS";
$_CONTEXT['subtitle'] = "HackSuite Apps";
$sCode = (isset($sCode) ? $sCode "");
$sApps "";
$sFalseImg $_PATHS['style_root_http']."/images/unknown.png";
false!=($iExtra = @count($aExtra))){
$sApps .= "            <div class=\"emboss borderr5 border1pxtrans pad5 edgeglow overflw\">\n";
$sApps .= "                <div class=\"embosshdrnocenter border1pxtrans pad10\">Applications</div>\n";
$sApp $aExtra[$x][0];
$sFolder $aExtra[$x][1];
$sApps .= "                    <div class=\"w375 flt pad5 blk overflw\">\n";
$sApps .= "                        <div class=\"overflw\">\n";
$sDest = (file_exists($_PATHS['root']."/".$sFolder."/avatar.png") ? $_PATHS['root_http']."/".$sFolder."/avatar.png" $sFalseImg);
$sApps .= "                            <div class=\"w100\"><a href=\"".$_PATHS['root_http']."/".$sFolder."\"><img src=\"".$sDest."\" width=\"90\" class=\"padt20 padl5\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\n";
$sApps .= "                            <div class=\"borderr15 border1pxstrans padt10 padr5 emboss h150\"><a href=\"".$_PATHS['root_http']."/".$sFolder."\">".$sApp."</a>".(isset($aProperties['version']) ? " - ".$aProperties['version'] : "")."<br />".$aProperties['description']."</div>\n";
$sApps .= "                        </div>\n";
$sApps .= "                    </div>\n";
$sApps .= "                </div>\n";
$sApps .= "                <div class=\"clear\"></div>\n";
$sCode .= ($sApps=="" "            <div class=\"spacingmsg\">".$_CONTEXT['result_headers']['notice']."No apps have been installed</div>" $sApps);
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