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..cool, we will make a new module and not just some new module, nope let's make a fully automatic injection script! This tutorial is the first step into making this. Let's first..

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AntiFTP uses wordlists in order to bruteforce FTP user accounts

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Latest THC News
On 14-Apr-2019 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
0.6.1 is released!
After almost 4 years we have finally returned with a new version of the HackSuite.
You can find most of the changes in the changelog file.

Hope you enjoy it.

On 02-May-2015 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
New cms is online!
Yes, the waiting is over, 0.6 is finally here! Get your copy of the latest and greatest version of the HackSuite for free in the download section. Enjoy and happy hacking!
On 03-Nov-2014 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
THC Predator
It will be more vicious and deadly than ever before. I'm working on THC Predator Edition as we speak, after a long time of sharpening my 3D skills it's time to dive back into the hacking scene. Stay tuned!
On 28-Aug-2013 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
0.5.1 released!

0.5.1 released, don't miss it!
HackSuite CMS

On 24-Aug-2013 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
Medusa integration almost done

I'm already pretty far with integrating Medusa into the hacksuite.
- shell encryption
- shell manager(native tool)
- some small bugs in the cms

The size of 0.5.1 is a lot bigger than 0.5.0 due to the amount of new configuration data for medusa.

On 09-Aug-2013 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
Cracking weak cms and forum passwords

I've been working on THC Medusa which is a program that will search the following fora and cmses for weak passwords: vbulletin, ipb, mybb, smf, vanilla, dolphin, aef, avs, xmb, wordpress, usebb, phorum, phpfusion, joomla, minibb, fluxbb and drupal.

I already completed this tool, but will also make a version for the hacksuite.

On 20-Jun-2013 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
Dominator site online!
Finally after some long time of coding, template changing and other horrors, I'm now finally done with the dominator site and the new hacksuite as well of course.

As you may know with every new development branch I create a new site and a new codename.

So what's new you ask?

Just browse the site to see the new things that have been added. The HackSuite's new features can be found in the features list.
On 31-Jan-2013 zomgwtfbbq wrote:
The new site and it's updates

Welcome to the new thc hacksuite cms site. If you visited the old site you may have seen a lot of features have been dropped such as the development environment and the forum. Instead I wrote documentation and tutorials to help you out with the most common issues. Also new is the file library which allows you to see how the suite is structured and the content of each file.

When I released the site I also made several changes to the hacksuite cms itself. There's a new native tool and also a new module. Furthermore I removed some bugs and layout issues.

As we speak I've created a new module and will also work on new test servers to fine tune your scripts against.

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