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..I will show you how to create native tools. I'm not going to make a new tool though, instead I will show you what is required to create one. You can find all the native tools in..

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AntiFTP uses wordlists in order to bruteforce FTP user accounts

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HackSuite Tutorials
The HackSuite has lots of hidden features that allow you to expand the program even further. You can learn more about the structure of the HackSuite and how to create new add ons for it by reading the tutorials.
Change the default index content of the suite

The Plan

The plan is to create a different index page for the suite. It's very easy because the only thing you need to do is change the content of default.php.

I don't want to create something like hello world or something else useless, instead we'll make a connection with the hacksuite site to check if there are updates for your version of the hacksuite.

There's a file on the hacksuite site that we can use for that. It's a php script that expects a version of the hacksuite and if the current version on the server is newer it will return true. The format of this file is in json, so we will be using jQuery to send, fetch and analyze the data.

The Code

You will get an error because you can't make cross domain requests like this. The solution is quite easy though, we're going to make a quick proxy that writes the content to the cache folder:

You might say that this can be done way faster, then yes I have to agree, you could fetch the data and decode the json to display the results. It's merely a POC and it's interactive which we all like...at least I do.
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