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HackSuite File Library
File Library
Here you can find the latest files and structure of the THC HackSuite, note that if you have an earlier version of the suite it's not recommended to update files manually. Instead you should overwrite your existing HackSuite environment.
Contains the functions for the wordlist creator

Author: Remco Kouw
Site: http://www.hacksuite.com
Last Edit: 12-04-2015

/* Word generator

Generates words based on specified words

$aWords: words to use for generating

ARRAY: words that will be created for generating passwords
function CreateWords($aWords){
// first three chars of each word
$aFirstThreeChars = array();
$aFirstThreeCharsLC = array();
$aFirstThreeCharsUC = array();
$aFirstThreeCharsNH = array();
$aFirstThreeCharsNU = array();
// full words
$aFullWords = array();
$sWord trim($aWords[$x]);
$sWordTrim substr($sWord,0,3);
$iWord strlen($sWord);
$iWord<|| strlen($sWordTrim)<3){
$aFirstThreeChars[] = $sWordTrim;
$aFirstThreeCharsLC[] = strtolower($sWordTrim);
$aFirstThreeCharsUC[] = strtoupper($sWordTrim);
$aFirstThreeCharsNH[] = str_replace("-","",$sWordTrim);
$aFirstThreeCharsNU[] = str_replace("_","",$sWordTrim);
$sFour substr($sWord,0,4);
$sFourR strrev($sFour);
$aFullWords[] = $sFour;
$aFullWords[] = $sFourR;
$sFive substr($sWord,0,5);
$sFiveR strrev($sFive);
$aFullWords[] = $sFive;
$aFullWords[] = $sFiveR;
$aFullWords[] = $sWord;
$aFullWords[] = strrev($sWord);
$aFullWords[] = ucfirst($sWord);
$aFullWords[] = strtoupper($sWord);
$aFullWords[] = strtolower($sWord);
$aFullWords[] = str_replace("-","",$sWord);
$aFullWords[] = str_replace(" ","",$sWord);
$aFullWords[] = str_replace("_","",$sWord);
$aFullWords2 array_keys(array_flip($aFullWords));
$aFirstThreeChars array_unique(array_merge($aFirstThreeChars,$aFirstThreeCharsLC,$aFirstThreeCharsUC,$aFirstThreeCharsNH,$aFirstThreeCharsNU));
// first three chars of each word reverse
$aFirstThreeCharsRev = array();
$aFirstThreeCharsRev[] = @strrev($aFirstThreeChars[$x]);

/* Password generator

Generates passwords based on specified words

$aWords: words to use for generating
$aCommon: common words from common.php
$aData: array containing variable names to use for forming new passwords

VOID: data is globally used

function CreatePasses($aWords,$aCommon,$aData){
$aWords array_values($aWords);
$iWords count($aWords);
$iCommon count($aCommon);
$sWord = @trim($aWords[$x]);
$sBuffer .= $sWord."\n";
// word 1
$sTempRoot "";
$sTempRoot = @${str_replace("i","a",$aData[0])}[$x];
// word 2
$sTempSub1 "";
$sBuffer .= $sTempRoot.${str_replace("i","a",$aData[1])}[$y]."\n";
$sTempSub1 = ${str_replace("i","a",$aData[1])}[$y];
// word 3
$sBuffer .= $sTempRoot.$sTempSub1.${str_replace("i","a",$aData[2])}[$z]."\n";
$sBuffer str_replace("\n\n","\n",$sBuffer);
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