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..will show you how to make a multi bridge between THC_DO, THC_SS and THC_II and keep track of the output in realtime using iframes. So what exactly are we going to do? First of all if you..

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HackSuite CMS Documentation
Configuration and native tools
This documentation will explain how the native tools work.

There are only two files/folders that are associated with native tools:
- Native: this is the folder where all the native tools are
- Data/nativeconfig.php: this file contains array $_CONTEXT['native'] that is used to create the configuration menu:

I won't discuss the native tools, will only explain how the configuration files work and how the array is used. The reason for that is that creating a native tool is the exact same as writing any other include file for the hacksuite.

In the array of Data/nativeconfig.php there are 4 different properties for each native tool(each line of properties equals a native tool):

$_CONTEXT['native'][0] = array("configuration editor","edit_config.php","edit_config","edit your configuration files and it's default values");

Above are the properties for native tool configuration editor.

properties for array $_CONTEXT['native'][0]:
[0]: name of the native tool
[1]: include file in Native folder associated with configuration editor
[2]: name of the image (used in the configuration menu above) in Templates/x/images (must be a PNG!), so in this case the image will be Templates/x/images/edit_config.png
[3]: description text (image hover text)

Note that all images are sorted on the array's index number.
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