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..I will show you how to create native tools. I'm not going to make a new tool though, instead I will show you what is required to create one. You can find all the native tools in the..

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THC Discover

Discovers interesting locations, paths and data of a website

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HackSuite File Library
File Library
Here you can find the latest files and structure of the THC HackSuite, note that if you have an earlier version of the suite it's not recommended to update files manually. Instead you should overwrite your existing HackSuite environment.
Function to decide whether to output something or not
Variable output is based upon the configuration variables in $_CONTEXT, 
$_CONTEXT['verbose']: verbose output, will always output anything
$_CONTEXT['silent']: verbose output, will always output anything
If $_CONTEXT['silent'] is empty nothing will ever be sent to the output, in any other case there will always be output, with an 
exception when both verbose and silent are false and $iOut is equal to zero.
This behaviour can allow you to have total control over your output.

$sString: string to output
$bVerbose: verbose output
$bSilent: no output
$iOut: send or stop output when both verbose and silent are turned off, default is on (OPTIONAL)

STRING: either empty or the output

Author: Remco Kouw
Site: http://www.hacksuite.com
Last Edit: 12-11-2014
function Screen($sString,$bVerbose,$bSilent,$iOut=1){
$bSilent || (!$bVerbose && $iOut=&& !$bSilent)){
$sString "";
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